L Type of Inter-Connector

L-type of Inter-Connectors are designed to connect top side contacts on dot-matrix LCD’s.

The L-type of Inter-Connectors are used for connecting PCB’s to tracks on LCD’s that are on the same side as the viewing side of the LCD; on the top of the glass. L-type of Inter-Connectors are particularly suitable for connecting PCB’s to dot-matrix LCD’s.All L-type of Inter-Connectors are custom made to order using specially designed tools. The dimensions given below are for a typical shape.

Alternative Inter-Connector for the tracks on the top of the glass is the JS-type.

L Type dimensions

Pitch mm0.05/ 0.1/ 0.18/ 0.25
Lengthmm5 ~ 275
Heightmm0.7 ~ 10
Widthmm1 ~ 6
Width conductive coremm0.5/ 0.7

L Type Properties

Volume resistance - conductorΩ.cm0.7 ~ 6
Compression set%15 ~ 20
Dielectric breakdown voltageKV/mm23 ~ 27
Isolation resistance (500V DC) > 10^3
Operating temperature range °C -25 ~ 85

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