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As a global manufacturer of custom made electro-mechanical components and materials like Touch sensors, Keypads, Inter-Connectors, Thermal Interface Materials (T.I.M.), acoustic and optical lenses and special moulds, Shin-Etsu Polymer is your partner for innovative solutions for applications in the telecommunication, automotive, medical, semiconductor, instrumentation, watch, consumer and office automation markets.


With the concept of custom made products, Shin-Etsu Polymer is servicing a wide range of markets with parts, components and materials that find their origin in the excellent properties of silicone rubbers made in the Shin-Etsu group. 


Electronics Equipment





Product categories

Shin-Etsu Polymer develops and produces a range of electro-mechanical components, mechanical parts and optical parts for the electronics industry and materials for the automotive industry. Products find its nature in a custom and market driven development with expertise material knowledge from affiliated material suppliers Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd and Shin-Etsu Silicones Co. Ltd.

All products are designed and produced to custom requirements in production facilities spread over the world. The global presence of Shin-Etsu offers short communication lines, made in market, cost efficiency and short response times, making our products fully fit to custom requirements in technical, commercial and logistic sense. Shin-Etsu Polymer offers total solutions derived from time proven competence.


Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe B.V.
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The Netherlands

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