GB-Matrix type of Inter-Connector

The GB-U-type of Inter-Connector is used for permanent board to board and component to board connections.

The GB-matrix type of Inter-Connector, used for board to board and component to board connections, mainly for permanent connections, consists of parallel rows of gold-plated brass wires in a silicone rubber sheet. Randomly positioning the Inter-Connector between contact pads and providing compression will realize a stable, low resistance connection.
The GB-matrix-type is one of the derivatives of the GB-type. Dimensions and pitches are designed to customer requirements.
For testing purposes, the MT-types are more suitable, having tilted wires to ease compression and improve durability for multi compression.

GB-Matrix dimensions

Full data in download
Pitchmm0.05/ 0.1/ 0.2
Pitch - Ps mm0.05/ 0.25/ ≥0.6
Length mm2 ~ 50
Width mm2 ~ 50
Thickness mm0.3 ~ 2.5
Filament diameter µm30/ 40

GB-Matrix Type Properties

Full data in download
Contact resistanceΩ ≤ 0.1
Current carrying capacity mA/wire 50
Dielectric breakdown voltage isolator kV/mm 23 ~ 27
Isolation resistance (500V DC)> 10^3
Operating temperature range °C -25 ~ 85

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GB-Matrix Type of Inter-Connector