Thermal Interface Material

The ever improving performance of electronic devices and functional integration of parts in integrated circuits is resulting in increased heat generation in parts and circuits. Excessive heat is disturbing functioning of equipment and decreasing lifetime of electronic components.
Effectively removing heat from components is becoming a major issue in the design of equipment. Airgaps create heat barriers between components and heatsinks.
In cooperation with Shin-Etsu Chemical, producing the basic material, Shin-Etsu Polymer’s range of Thermal Interface Materials (T.I.M.) can transfer such heat barriers into excellent heat conductors by filling gaps with soft silicone loaded with a high ratio of thermal conductive fillers.

* thin and hard pads for power transistors
* soft pads and ultra soft pads for semiconductors and large surfaces
* phase change material (PCM)
* adhesive tape
* heat distribution graphite sheet and graphite interface structures

Thermal conductive pads can be cut or punched to custom specific sizes and shapes. In addition, pads can be combined with other parts or materials or moulded to specific shapes to integrate other mechanical functions.

Liquid, 2k gap filling and grease thermal conductive pastes are available through Shin-Etsu Silicones.