Shin-Etsu Polymer is providing specialty compounds, based on Shin-Etsu Chemical base materials with dedicated fillers and additives for a variety of applications:
* Automotive: Exelast® TPV-silicone based slipcoat for extruded TPO or EPDM dynamic and static seals like glass run profiles.
* Automotive: Exelast® TPO-silicone based compound for injection moulding of interior parts, exterior parts and glass run joints.
* Automotive: PVC based compound with dedicated characteristics for exterior and interior parts.
* Construction: Exelast® TPO-silicone extruded and injection moulded sash window seals.
* Cable: Exelast® TPU based slipcoat or non-flammible compound for cables for robotics and moving machine parts.
* Industrial: PVC compounds for harsh environments.
* Consumer: PVC compounds for special purposes.