View Control Film

View Control Film or VC-Film is an optical louver film of alternating optical clear silicone rubber and black silicone rubber layers. Sheets of such alternating layers are positioned between PC or PET films to provide an optical filter.

The highly transparent silicone rubber allows VC-Film to be used in following functional applications:

  • privacy filter for ATM machine, POS terminals, notebook computers and smart phones
    Positioning the View Control Film in front of a display panel with louvers vertical, the film will make the image on the display visible for the user of the display only. People positioned besides the user will not see information on the display. For tablet style handheld devices, filters can be stacked as cross filter to shut lights in all directions.
  • anti-reflection filter for backlit functions in cars
    Positioning the View Control Film in front of a display panel or on a backlit switch, the film will allow the light to go towards the driver. The backlight will be blocked in the direction of the windshield or side windows and stop the mirror image while driving at night. The View Control Film allows cardesigners to freely position functions in the car without requiring special designed roofs to avoid reflections.
  • light shutter for industrial light sensors
    To avoid disturbing effects of light curtains mounted on industrial machines, View Control Film can block light in undesirable directions.

VC-Film is made to custom design and requirements although certain view angles and louver angles are standardized to ease the supply. Special view angles, louver angles, louver colors and constructions are available on request.

VC-Film can be used on top of touchpanels based on capacity touch reading.

Construction and principle effects of VC-Film
 Standard pitch
 Standard louver sheet thickness

 Standard pitch
 Narrow View Angle by thick louver sheet

 Standard pitch
 Wide View Angle by thin louver sheet 
 Construction of VC-Film

 Narrow pitch
 Narrow View Angle

 Wide pitch
 Wide View Angle


Application examples
 Privacy filter on cash dispenser  Privacy filter on notebook PC's  Privacy filter on Smartphone, Tablet
 or POS terminal
 Anti-reflection filter on automotive displays  Light curtain shutter for industrial machines  


Basic Properties
     Unit    Test method
 Thermal characteristics     Bending temperature  ºC  126.8   JIS-K7207
 Linear expansion coefficient  mm/min/ºC  8.0 • 10-5  ASTM-D-696 
 Heating contractibillity  %  TD 0.15
 MD 0.10
 Combustivity    See  FMVSS-302*
 Mechanical characteristic  Extensive strength  kg/cm2  300  JIS-K-7113
   Stretch  % 110  JIS-K-7113
   Delamination strength  kg/ 25 mm 1.3  JIS-K-6854
 Optical charactereistics  Ray transmission   %  78  JIS-K7105

* FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Environmental resistance characteristics
   Test conditions  Delamination  discoloration  Dimensional
 Temperature test

 85°C (1000 hrs)  None

 None  -0.03%  None

 120°C (240 hrs)    -0.04%
 -40°C (240 hrs)    None
 High temperature /
 high humidity test
 60°C/95%RH (240 hrs)    +0.02%
 80°C/95%RH (240 hrs)    -0.02%
 Weather resistance test  240 hrs  None  -
 480 hrs  Little discoloration  -
 Thermal shock  -40°C (1 hr)↔85°C (1 hr)
 100 cycles
 None  -0.02%
 Heat cycle  85°C (2hrs) →
 room T (2hrs) →
 -40°C (2hrs) →
 room T (2hrs) ↑
 20 cycles
 None  None  -0.02%

* Sample used for all tests: VC-908500

VC-Film standard definitions
 Standard Type  View Angle

 Maximum light
 transmission angle
   0%  5%      
 VC-609500  60°    48°    0°  0°  0.95 mm  
 VC-609510  10°  11°
 VC-609518  18°  23°
 VC-908500  90°    75°    0°  0°  0.85 mm  
 VC-908510  10°  11°
 VC-908518  18°  23°
 VC-128500  120°   90°    0°  0°  0.85 mm  
 VC-128510  10°  11°
 VC-128518  18°  23°
 View angle based on 132 μm pitch louvers

  Method of applying VCFilm on displays or glass panels
  a) a sticky siliconce layer to stick VC-Film onto a glasspanel.
      Less layers of material used resulting in less reflections and
      better brightness and transmission
  b) a separate adhesibe layer with optional UV blocking filter to
      protect LCD panels

When the VC-Film is positioned at a small distance from the display, uneven brightness or Newton Rings may occur. To avoid this effect, a mat finish treatment can be applied to the support film.
Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shin-Etsu and out of guarantee.
Graphs and curves are for reference only. Actual results are up to the design.
The quality of the assembled VC-Film is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to review the purpose and conditions of use and practice your own tests.
Industrial ownership like patent doesn't guarantee the usage of the VC-Film.