G. Button (Low-Profile Gastrostomy Replacement Tube)

The G. Button is a low profiled gastrostomy replacement tube balloon catheter indicated for long term use in a well-established gastrostomy tract or existing stoma for feeding and/or administration of medication or gastric decompression

The G. Button is a low profiled gastrostomy replacement tube with a balloon catheter used as a replacement of an existing gastronomy tube (PEG, G. Tube or an existing G. Button).
Feeding via a gastrostomy tube is advocated when nutrition cannot be provided to the patient by mouth due to an underlying condition.
The G-Button fixated in the stoma track through an internal balloon located at the patient’s abdominal wall and internal lumen to administer Enteral Feeding fluids.
The G. Button provides an increase in comfort versus PEG or G. Tube and best suitable for active patients.

Device portfolio: Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 & 24 Fr, each size is available in differing lengths ranging from 0.8 cm to 6.5 cm.
Now, the Low-Profile Gastrostomy Replacement Tube (G. Button) and Extension Feeding Set with ENFit connectors are available as full kit.


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