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Founded in 1986, as a subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Polymer Co. Ltd. in Japan, Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe BV is the European sales and marketing organization for Shin-Etsu Polymer products.

Located in the heart of Europe, Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe BV offers expertise knowledge and technical and logistics support to our customers directly by our sales team and via a network of Distributors.


Service and Design support

For the custom made concept of most Shin-Etsu Polymer products, Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe B.V. is offering engineering and design-in support to fit products well in your application and consultancy to select most suitable product. For this support, please contact us via the contact form or call the Shin-Etsu Polymer office closest to your location.

Sales and information inquiries

For inquiries, further product information or local contact information, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe B.V.
Noorderpoort 49
5916 PJ Venlo
The Netherlands

Industrial location: Venlo 1593 (Google maps)

e-mail:  mail to Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe
phone: +31 77 3236000



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