Ultra-Sound lenses

Ultrasound scanners are widely used for medical diagnostics. A piezo electric element in the Ultrasound Probe of the scanner is projecting a sound beam into a the human body and scanning the reflection. The Shin-Etsu Polymer Silicone Rubber lens is giving the probes optimum performance due to the specific sound transmission characteristic of the moulded lens. The design and shape of the lens is dedicated to the application and used signal frequency.
A thin polyimide backing film is protecting the electronic sound sensor for environmental influences. Optional Copper film can be equiped for EMI protection.
Design example and application
 Silicone lens of a Probe Probe of an Ultrasound scanner
 Silicone lens of a Probe  Silicone lens with PI backing film  Ultrasound scanner
Basic properties
 Hardness  Shore A  70 
 Density  kg/dm3  1.38
 Sound speed  m/s  1010
 Acoustic impedance  kg/m2.s  1.41
 Acoustic attenuation at 3.5 MHz  dB/mm  2.3
 PI backing film thickness  µm  7.5, 12.5, 15, 25
 Cu film thickness for EMI protection  µm  > 9


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