T.I.M. soft pads

Shin-Etsu T.I.M. material series of soft and ultra soft pads for semiconductiors, semiconductor substrates and modules.
  • Excellent performance due to low to ultra low hardness
  • Sheet thickness 0.5 ~ 10 mm
  • Reducing contact thermal resistance by filling surface unevenness of modules
  • Reducing mechanical stress on components
  • High electric insulation and flame resistance.
  • Semiconductors with mounted heatsinks, LED modules and Automotive modules
  • EV batteries
  • PCB to die-cast heatsinks.
    Ultrasoft pad application example
 Soft and Ultra Soft pad application
 Cooling Semiconductors and Semiconductor module substrates 
 Ultra Soft pad application
 Cooling PCB substrates
T.I.M. soft pad series properties
 TC-SP-1.7 / TC-SPA-3.0  TC-CAS-10 / CAB-10 / CAD-10 / CAT-20  TC-CAF-40