T.I.M. Phase Change Material

Shin-Etsu T.I.M. Phase Change Material series fill all gaps between substrates providing optimal performance as combination of thermal pads and thermal grease and minimizes the distance between semiconductor and heatsink to a minimum. 

PCM is most suitable for Semiconductor IC's and IC modules. PCM softens with heat and varies its state between semi solid and semi liquid. The silicone polymer structure in Shin-Etsu PCM avoid the material for leaking or floating out in the semi liquid state.
An optional extremely thin polyimide film will provide electric isolation.
  • Excellent performance compared to Olefin based Phase Change materials
  • Reducing contact thermal resistance by filling surface unevenness of modules
  • ultra thin layer providing lowest thermal resistance.
  • Semiconductors in PC modules.
  • LED Chip-onboard modules.
 Phase Change Material cooling concept  LED module
Phase Change Material properties
 PCS-CR-10 / PCS-LT-30  PCS-PL-30