LS-alpha type of Inter-connector

The LS-alpha-type of Inter-Connector consists of parallel rows of gold hollow tubes in a silicone rubber sheet allowing signal speeds up to 110 GHz.

The LS-alpha of Inter-Connector, used for testing IC-devices in packages like BGA, QFP, SOP, Flip-Chip or Bumped Wafers, consists of parallel rows of hollow gold tubes in a silicone rubber sheet.
The hollow tubes are positioned under an angle of 63° to ease compression and improve durability requiring contacts to use an offset of about half the thickness of the silicone rubber sheet. Randomly positioning the Inter-Connector between contact pads and providing compresssion wil realize a stable, low resistance connection.

The LS-alpha is a of the derivatives of the MT-type dedicated to specialized fields of device testing. The soft hollow tubes avoid mechanical stress on the contact lands or solder balls. The LS-alpha is providing ultra high signal transmission up to 110 Ghz.

LS-alpha Type Dimensions

Full data in download
Conductor diameterμm25/ 17
Ps and Pμm50.5/ 32.5
Rubber thickness μm150/ 250
Rubber hardness70
Maximum size mm30L×30W/ 17L×45W


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LS-alpha Type of Inter-Connector