Modern automotive gasoline engines are using ignitions systems that integrate the sparkplug and ignition coil into the engine block in order to have the high voltage system as small as possible and and close as possible to the cylider to create an optimal fuel efficiency. To protect this system for environmental conditions and contamination, the sparkplug and ignition coil can be covered by a silicone rubber plugboot.
Shin-Etsu Silicone rubber for plugboots has very excellent characteristics to create a durable and stable cover as it is sustainable to high temperatures and is resistant to engine oil, water, moisture and dirt. Furthermore, it has good electrical insulation properties and prevents the corona effect.
The design of the plugboot is up to custom requirements.
Design example and application
 Gasoline engine
 Ignition system
 Integration of coil and sparkplug
 in a silicone rubber plugboot
 Silicone rubber plugboot  Silicone rubber plugboot  Silicone rubber plugboot
Basic properties
 Hardness  Shore A  58 ~60 
 Volume resistivity  Ω•cm  3•1015
 Breakdown voltage  kV/mm  30
 Elongation  %   > 400
 Tensile strength  MPa  9.4 


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