The PB-type of keypad is an integration of the plastic keytop and the basic silicone rubber dome switch. The plastic material is cross linking with the silicone base material, provide a superb connection of the plastic top. This technology allows each keytop to have a different colour without excessive cost.
Symbols and legends are printed on the keytop in positive (symbol printed) or negative image (symbol transparent). The keytop material's natural colour is clear allowing bright illumination for backlit keys. Including colour pigments will make the key semi-transparant or opaque.

Similar to the KTP-type, actuating the dome switch will push the electrical conductive contact element onto a contact pattern on the PCB or FPC and realise an electic switch operation. Various contact elements are available to meet specific electronic switching requirements.

PB-type design examples
 Automotive RKE unit
 Multi keycolours
 Transparent material
 backlit applications
 Multi colour PB-type for a handheld terminal 
 Automotive RKE unit
 PB-type for a handheld terminal
 Multi colour PB-type for a handheld terminal 

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