MS-type of Inter-Connector

The MS-type of Inter-Connector, mainly used for Chip-on-glass LCD's, consists of alternating conductive and non-conductive layers of silicone rubber. Conductivity is provided by dispersed conductive silver particles in the conductive layers. Randomly positioning the Inter-Connector between contact pads and providing compression will realize a stable connection.

Furtermore, the MS-type is used as base of a wide range of special custom designs of Inter-Connectors with additional molding frames or holders for connecting microphones, speakers, coin-batteries, sensors and other electronic components, providing a module of component and Inter-Connector. Such Inter-Connector system provides a combination of electrical connection and mechanical or acoustic functions.

For higher current densities, a special lower resistance silver material is available.


Outline Dimensions and application


 MS-G-type application
 (GB-UA alternative)


Design examples
 MS-type co-mould to mount a coin battery  MS-type co-mould
Dimensions and Tolerances


 Pitch  P  mm  0.1±0.05
 Length  L  mm  3.0 ~ 30.0 ± 0.25
 Height (H ≥ W/2)  H  mm  1.0 ~10.0 ± 0 .10  0.5 ~10.0 ± 0 .10
 Width  W  mm  1.3 ~ 2.5 ± 0.1  0.6 ~ 1.6 ± 0.1
 Core width  Z  mm 0.5 ~ 1.5
 Width of isolation coating  Wi   mm  0.01  0.05

Special designs available on request.
Extra care is required for handling exposed the exposed silver surface.
Gas-closed packing is used.

Basic Properties


 MS-G / MS-Z
 Volume resistivity *  Ω.m  1.0 • 10-5
 Compression set  % < 10
 Isolation resistance (500V DC) *  MΩ  > 1.0 • 103
 Operating temperature range  °C  -25 ~ 85

* Tests carried out with Shin-Etsu standard methods and according JIS K 6249.

Compression Curves
 samples size:
 MS-Z 0.1P 9.5L 3.2H 1.6W
 MS-G 0.1P 9.5L 3.2H 1.6W 0.8Z
 sample size:
 MS-Z 0.1P 9.5L 3.2H 1.6W
 MS-G 0.1P 9.5L 3.2H 1.6W 0.8Z
 electrode 1: 1.0 mm wide Au-plated Cu-track
 electrode 2: Au-plated Cu-plate, no holder

Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in the European Community, TM No. 000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No. 2078941.
Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shin-Etsu and out of guarantee.
Compression curves are for reference only. Actual resistances and compression forces are up to the design of substrates and holder constructions.
More information can be found in the design guides.
The quality of the assembled Inter-Connector is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to review the purpose and conditions of use and practice your own tests.
Industrial ownership like patent doesn't guarantee the usage of the Inter-Connector.