JS-type of Inter-Connector

The JS-type of Inter-Connector, used for LCD's that require lower resistance or fine pitches, is a PET film substrate with printed silver tracks. The Inter-Connector has to be heatsealed to the LCD and PCB with the applied anisotropic adhesive that covers the silver tracks at the bonding area. JS-type of Inter-Connectors are designed to custom requirements and need custom tooling.
Special bonding equipment is required. Two system are in use at customers, based on constant heaters and pulse heaters as used in hotbar solder reflow machines. Assistance can be given to select equipment suppliers.

Outline Dimensions and application
 JS-KN-type  JS-KN-type example  LCD connection


Dimensions and Tolerances


 Pitch  P  mm  0.19 ≤ P < 0.4  ± 0.03
 0.4 ≤ P < 1.0  ± 0.05
 P ≥ 1.0 ± 0.10 
 Accumulative pitch  TP, P≤0.4
 TP, P>0.4
 mm  ± 0.05
 ± 0.10
 Length *  L  mm  ≤ 100 ± 0.25
 Height *  H  mm   10.0 ~ 120.0 ± 0.25
 120.1 ~ 150.0 ± 0.5
 Width conductive track  Tc  mm  ≥ 0.10
 Thickness of base film    µm  25
 Thickness of cover film (optional)    µm  12

* Maximum sizes depend on the pitch of the tracks. Design guide available on request.

 Base film  PET
 Conductive lines  Thermosetting resin silver/carbon ink
 Adhesive  semi-thermosetting synthetic rubber
 Conductive particles in adhesive  gold-plated carbon particles
 Isolation layer  printed thermoplastic synthetic rubber
 Cover film (optional)  PET
Basic Properties
   Unit  JSKN-type  Conditions
 Surface resistance conductive line  Ω/sq  < 0.5  10 ~ 30 °C, 30 ~ 80 %RH
 Isolaton resistance  MΩ  ≥ 100  10 ~ 30 °C, 30 ~ 80 %RH
 Peelstrength  N/cm   ≥ 3  90° peel, 100 mm/min.
 Storage time  months  < 6  sealed in original package, dark, 0 ~ 40 °C
 Operating temperature range  °C  -40 ~ 85  

* Tests carried out with Shin-Etsu standard methods.

Bonding conditions
   Unit  JS-KN-type  Conditions
 Adhesive temperature  °C  140 ~ 170  applied to bonding area only
 Pressure  MPa  3.5 ± 0.5  
 Time  s  7 ± 2  adhesive temperature ≥ 140 °C


Heat-seal bonding equipment
 Manual operation pulse heater  Automated assembly line


Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in the European Community, TM No. 000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No. 2078941.
Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shin-Etsu and out of guarantee.
Compression curves are for reference only. Actual resistances and compression forces are up to the design of substrates and holder constructions.
More information can be found in the design guides.
The quality of the assembled Inter-Connector is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to review the purpose and conditions of use and practice your own tests.
Industrial ownership like patent doesn't guarantee the usage of the Inter-Connector.