The Innertype of keypad is the basic silicone rubber dome switch embedded in an assembly frame with additional mechanical, acoustic or sealing functionality.

The silicone dome switch has a unique click response based on a combination of the design of the dome and the durable elasticity of Shin-Etsu silicone rubbers.

An extended dome construction library allows designers to develop applications freely. Mounting the Innertype in the application with proper actuator buttons will provide a dedicated switch solution.

Actuating the dome switch will push the electrical conductive contact element onto a contact pattern on the PCB or FPC and realise an electic switch operation. Various contact elements are available to meet specific electronic switching requirements.

Innertype design examples
 Innertype  Innertype with LED tower  Innertype airchannels and component cavities
 Dome with LED window  Metal plate rocker to create a double dent switch  Contact element examples

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