The IM-type of keypad is a co-mould of plastic moulded frames or buttons with silicone rubber as alternative to 2K moulded thermo plastics (TPE).
The characteristics of moulded thermoplastics do not provide durable formed parts under harsch environmental circumstances as shapes may deform at higher temperatures. Silicone rubbers however are polymer materials that provide moulded shapes by chemical cross linking, making parts very durable and rigid over a long term. The adhesion between plastic frame parts or plastic buttons and the silicone rubber is based on Shin-Etsu supurb knowledge of matching silicone rubbers with other materials as shown with the PB-type of keypads and the variety of Inter-Connector products.

Specifically for automotive parts, Shin-Etsu IM-type is very suitable for making membrane switches for RKE units or doorlatches.

IM-type design examples

 IM-type for automotive RKE unit

 IM-type for automotive RKE unit

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