Exelast SX-500

SX-500 series is a silicone and olefin thermoplastic moulding material for extruding automotive door profiles or construction sash window seals. SX500 olefin's thermoplastic elastomer to reducing the sliding resistance and prevent squeak noise of glass panels touching the profiles.
Trend in production of automotive sealing parts is material recycling and reduction of energy usage. EPDM profiles can be redesigned into TPU profiles. Extended curing lines for EPDM can be replaced by small extrusion machines. Complicated Flock production can be replaced by additing Exelast as slip coat on automotive door sealing profiles.


  • co-extruding from 50 µm layer slipcoat on TPU or EPDM automotive door profiles
  • maintain long term low friction resistance
  • perform excellent elasticity and durability
  • suppress squeak noise when repeated sliding of glass window panels
  • cost effective and durable replacement of flock
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • good appearance due to less bending marks on a variety of shapes
Design and application
 Glassrun profile
 Slipcoat co-extrusion
 Cross section of a glassrun profile
 The SX-500 slipcoating matching the design
 Door of a car with glassrun profile
Basic properties
   Unit  SX-553  SX-590  Conventional
 Low Friction
 Testing method
 Colour    black  black    
 Hardness (Shore D)    49  48  55  JIS K7215
 Specific gravity    0.94  0.94  0.95  JIS K7112 / IOS1183
 Melt flow index 230ºC / 5 kg  g/10 min.  15  9    
 Tensile strength  MPa  13.6  13.7  11.5  JIS K6251 / ISO37
 Elongation  %  183  188  
 Tear strength  N/cm  53.8  62.6    JIS6253 / ISO48
 Static coefficient of friction
   0.24  0.26    Heidon test®
 (Shinto Scientific Co. Ltd.)
 Load 5N, 100 mm/min
 Test pices of 60 mm
 Dynamic coefficient of friction
   0.11  0.13  
 Initial low friction resistance    excellent  very good  good  Shin-Etsu method   
 Durability of low friction resistance    excellent  very good  fair
 Squeak noise prevention    excellent  very good  fair
 Bending mark prevention    excellent  good  poor