Exelast SX-200

SX-200 series is a silicone and olefin thermoplastic moulding material for injection moulding of automotive interior and exterior parts like seals and grips and construction sash window seals.


  • soft and slidable, providing excellent water-repellent property
  • low friction resistance with excellent abrasion against repeated sliding
  • no stickiness and soft touch feeling
  • suppress squeak noise when repeated sliding
  • perform excellent elasticity and durability
  • low compression permanent strain
Design and application
 SX-200 used for gearbox knob  SX-200 used for handbrake grip
Basic properties
   Unit  SX-220  Conventional
 Testing method
 Colour    black    
 Hardness (Shore D)    17  17  JIS K7215
 Hardness (Shore A)    70  70
 Specific gravity    0.94  0.96  JIS K7111
 Tensile strength  MPa  3.8  5.8  JIS K6251 / ISO37
 Elongation  %  240  400
 Compression permanent set  %  32  45  JIS K6262 / 70ºC x 22 hrs
 Sliding resistance coefficient with    
    Printing board   very good  bad   
    Glass   excellent  bad  Shin-Etsu method
 Injection moulded plate
    Aluminium board   excellent  bad
    Metal board   excellent  bad
    Itself: SX-220   excellent  bad